Laymah Gbowee

President Johnson-Sirleaf described Ms. Gbowee as a young lady who has forgotten the many changes that have been made by her current government.

She said: “Much has been done in terms of education and poverty reduction”.

The Liberian Leader’s first reaction was made when she addressed the Royal African Society, in London, where she chaired a panel of world leaders to examine the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).   President Johnson-Sirleaf has since returned home.

Ms Gbowee made her claims in Paris, France at the launch of her recent publication entitled, “Mighty Be Our Power”.

At the occasion, Ms Gbowee tendered in her resignation as Chairperson of Liberia’s National Reconciliation Committee.

Nobel Laureate Gbowee said: “I will now embark on a quest to fight injustice and bring peace as not enough is being done for national healing”.

“Not speaking is as bad as being part of the system. I feel that I have disappointed me and Liberia for not taken President Sirleaf to task earlier”, she further said.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Laymah Gbowee and a Yemeni Journalist, Tawakkul Karman, jointly received the Nobel Peace Award in Oslo, Norway.

The Nobel Peace Awards was presented the three distinguished ladies by the Award Committee in October 2011.

They were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, because of their non-violent struggle for the protection of women’s rights world-wide.


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