Destiny Entertainment Complex

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Finally, the moment partygoers have been waiting for is here. What is obviously Liberia’s premier entertainment complex is set to open tomorrow, in what is scheduled to be three days (Friday to Sunday) of introducing Liberians and all to the state-of-the-art venue.

Destiny Entertainment Complex

Destiny Entertainment Complex, situated between Cellcom and Gender Ministry on the bypass in Monrovia, is a luxurious nightclub and entertainment center that brings uptown-style nightlife for clubbers and daytime activities for anyone that desires a good time in a classy setting.

Expected to offer first class service to all, the complex consists of an up-market dance club, with excellent sound and first class lighting systems, movie theaters, a pool hall, three restaurants, private suites and an outdoor café.

Destiny Entertainment Complex promises night and day life like no other in Liberia.

An ideal spot for relaxation while listening to music, the outdoor café is designed to make the client feel great, the bar and restaurant offering drinks and foods of all kinds notwithstanding.

After a sumptuous meal against the backdrop of laid back tunes, clients can head to the dance hall, which is right behind the lobby, to take a load off. The dance floor comes with the expected mirrored walls and strobe-lights, providing a colorful and lively ambience.

In between clubbing or during the day time, clients can relax to either several games of pool at the pool hall or have a date with a lover, friends or family at the western style movie theater where recently premiered movies will be screened.

The Destiny executive suites, which are located on the top floor, no doubt offer clients a panoramic view of the city from their unique vantage points overlooking the capital city and parts beyond. The private suites have dining rooms and well stocked bars.

Expected to serve clients 24 hours a day, Destiny Entertainment Complex promises to be a treat for al


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