Hipco rapper Christoph the change. - Advertisement
Hipco rapper Christoph the change. – Advertisement

Christoph Christoph The Change, one of Liberia’s best rappers in the last three years was on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 forcefully evicted from his Old Road residence because of unpaid rent despite boasting of being rich in his song and flaunting about it on social media.

The award-winning musician who drives a Hyundai SUV, valued over US50,000 was thrown out of his apartment for US$300 unpaid rent by City Court Judge Quincy Garnett.

News of Christoph being thrown out of his apartment rocked the entertainment industry because the rapper’s lavish lifestyle.

Acting on a complaint by the musician’s landlord, Judge Garnett noted that the rapper along with three other defendants Joah Sarah Hughes, Princess Nasarawa and one Bobby, erred by not paying their rent to the plaintiff.
The Judge also in his ruling ordered the Court Sheriff to seize and put on sale any properties belong to the musician and the two defendants to recover the money owed the landlord.

After the seizure of their properties, Judge Garnett ordered the three defendants to pay US1,800 and LD2,500 for unpaid rent and court expenses if they want to retrieve their belongings.

As mentioned in the Court order, defendant Joah Sarah Hughes owed US340, while Bobby and Princess owed US600.

The eviction of Christoph from his Old Road home is one of many crises the rap-per has experienced in recent times. The rapper was earlier embroiled with fellow rapper Bucky Raw, in which Christoph became reportedly traumatized after being accused by Bucky of being a homosexual.

Later in a reply diss track aimed at Bucky, Christoph denied Bucky’s accusation and publicly insulted Telia Urey, the sister of his ex-girlfiend Benita. Christoph was also recently hooked on drugs and has been under the deliverance ministry of a church on the Caldwell-Dixville road.

Cristoph however announced on his Facebook page that he will soon release a Gospel rap album.


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