MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Award-winning gospel singer and songwriter, Kanvee Adams, has trashed rumors of a beef between she and cultural ambassador Julie Endee.

Gospel singer Kanvee Adams.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Mrs. Adams added she doesn’t have any problem with Amb. Endee and that such speculation is being instigated by haters.

“I do not have any issues with the cultural ambassador and I have no reason to try to fight her. She is a person I admire so much for her innovation and strength. The ambassador knows that I’m a very bold person that will not hesitate to express my dissatisfaction to her if I have any,” Kanvee said.

The “Carry My Load” crooner blames her fellow gospel artists, who she considers unpopular, for spreading such a rumor.

“Let me be very clear here; your manipulation against me, your envy and strife towards me has reached the point where I must go public,” she continued. “From the time I came to the gospel ministry in Liberia you have had no rest in trying to bring me down; unfortunately, you have not and will not succeed because I did not call myself; rather, God called me to this ministry.”

Mrs. Adams alleged that over the last several years her colleagues in the gospel music industry have run a smear campaign to disgrace and discredit her hard work.

“You ran a smear campaign when I brought Agatha Moses to Liberia and out of jealousy, you made her to take me to a police station because you wanted her to disgrace me publicly,” Kanvee said.

Mrs. Adams noted: “You went ahead to campaign against me that I’m very proud just because I did not follow you in your immoral and diabolical deeds; deeds which, if care is not taken, I’m going to expose you to the Liberian people. You have tried these and many other ways to bring me down but failed; now you want to pit Amb. Endee against me; you will fail again and in a very disgraceful manner.”

Although Mrs. Adams did not name the artists, she has promised to do so very soon as she has now become tired with their cowardly manipulation.

“No one forced you to be a gospel artist; If you don’t have the calling, find somewhere else and discover yourselves and stop trying to pull me down. I’m not in your way,” she said.


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