President George Weah, delivering his New Year Message at his Church - Forky Klon Jlaneh Fellowship Church

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – President George Weah has extended an olive branch to Liberian political stakeholders, especially the opposition community.

The Liberian leader, urged his Liberian kinsmen to join the Congress for Democratic Change -led Government in forging unity, to strengthen the country’s economy to maintain the peace for the common good of all.

President Weah in his New Year’s Message delivered Tuesday, 31, December to the Nation, He said: “By doing this, Liberians can defeat disunity and chaos that had plagued the country in the past; it will make us showcase commitment to sustaining the peace through patriotism and nationalism”. 

In a release issued by the Executive Mansion, quotes President Weah, in his massage, noting that as the leader of the nation, he respects everyone’s opinions and accepts the politics of the day from all sides, because it helps to strengthen the core-value of Liberia’s democracy and can foster good governance, especially when it is done productively and respectfully.

At the same time, President Weah’s New Year Day Message, informed Liberians that there are still lots of work to be done towards economic recovery, they enter into the year 2020, and however, expressed hope of the Country is now on the path towards economic growth.

President Weah said: “I am confident that the New Year will be a period of economic recovery and it is this hope that must inspire the citizenry to work in unity and strength towards rebuilding the nation, irrespective of political differences”.

He stressed further that above all else, Liberian must work together to preserve the peace so fought and died for by other Liberians in the past.  The President, also recognized the immense sacrifices made by the United Nations, ECOWAS and, other regional partners in attaining such peace being enjoy today.  


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