former Central Bank Deputy Governor, Charles Sirleaf.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA (Fabine Kwiah reports)-Criminal Court “C” has granted indicted former Central Bank Deputy Governor, Charles Sirleaf, medical leave to seek medication abroad.

According to our Judicial Reporter, Criminal Court “C” Judge, Nancy Sammy, Thursday, granted Defense Counsel’s motion, requesting the Court to allow its client Sirleaf to seek medical attention due to poor health.

Judge Sammy told the Defense Counsel Lead Lawyer, Cllr Johnny Momo, that Defendant Sirleaf’s travel is only restricted to India, as the contrary shall warrant further legal option by the Court.

Judge Sammy has ordered the Clerk of Court to surrender Defendant Sirleaf’s traveling documents to his lawyer in compliance with the Court’s decision.

Defendant Charles Sirleaf and four others were indicted by the Liberian Government for allegedly committing multiple state crimes, including money laundering, economic sabotage, and criminal conspiracy, among others.

They have since been released on bail pending investigation.


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