Small skill farm in part of Liberia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – Liberian farmers have been urged to use the available resources in Liberia to develop the agriculture sector and create livelihood.

Agriculture Minister Designates, Jeannie Cooper, challenged farmers to think outside the box to transform the agriculture sector.

Speaking at the 6th National Congress of the Rubber Planters Association of Liberia Friday, Madam Cooper emphasized the need for rubber planters to improve their production.

She called for a smart method of agriculture production as practiced in the 21st Century.

Meanwhile, the President of the Rubber Planters Association of Liberia (RPAL) Wilhelmina Siaway, is encouraging her colleagues to improve their methods of rubber sector.

Madam Siaway wants the rubber sector elevated to a higher level, saying that it will better the lives of many Liberians.

Madam Siaway said drop in the price of the rubber has caused many farmers to shut down their farms.

The RPAL President is urging all rubber planters to increase their production and add value to the trade.


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