File: Some Liberian Student s studying in China

MONROVIA, LIBERIA (Maxwell Johnson Reports) – The President of the Liberian Students Union in China says all Liberians studying in that Country are well and safe.

Madam Yamah King said no Liberian student has been affected by the corona virus outbreak in China.

Speaking Friday with ELBC via phone from China, Madam King said there are over one hundred Liberian students studying in four Chinese cities considered epic-centers of the Coronavirus, including Wuhan.

According to her, the students have food and water but are strictly restricted from moving about.

Madam King, however, praised the Liberian Embassy in China for the support and concern it continues to render the Liberian Student Community in China.

She said the embassy recently donated one thousand five hundred United States dollars to the Liberian Student Union in China to assist students who are faced with constraints in cities considered the epic centers of the corona virus.


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