The newly dedicated reading room at Christ Foundation

Paynesville Liberia – More than three hundred students at the Christ Foundation Community Elementary School in the Cook Spoon Hill area in Paynesville are now benefiting from a newly constructed and furnished reading room provided by a United States based Liberian philanthropist organization, My Sister’s Keeper.

The Christ Foundation Community Elementary School in Paynesville is also being run by a local philanthropist organization, Build Liberia Education Foundation.

The reading room has been equipped with more than three thousand books including dictionary and Math and English books for kindergarten to six grade.

My Sister’s Keeper had earlier provided book-bags, copy books and other educational materials to students of the school.

Commissioning the reading room recently, My Sister’s Keeper President, Marjorie Duncan Forleh, emphasized that reading is very fundamental to the development of a child’s comprehension, analytical, and vocabulary skills.

Madam Forleh said, “If we must strive for each generation to be different than the last, then we must first start with broadening the child’s mind through reading.”  

She noted that the vision of the organization is to try to eradicate barrier of poverty by providing financial relief to the children’s parents and motivate the young ladies to believe in their dreams.

“We want these young girls to break the cycle of poverty by focusing on literacy”, Madam Forleh said, adding that “Every young girl is a potential diamond in the rough.”

For his part, the Founder of Build Liberia Education Foundation, Pastor Timothy Kpeh, thanked My Sister’s Keeper for the reading room and promised to maintain the facilities and use it for the intended purpose.

Pastor Kpeh called on the national government through the Ministry of Education to take charge of the program.

“This is a good innovation that will encourage more Liberians to help the poor go to school” Pastor Kpeh noted.

My Sister’s Keeper consists of eleven Liberian women and was established in 2017 to provide educational empowerment to less fortunate girls through scholarships from primary level until they obtain their first undergraduate degree.

My Sister’s Keeper’s membership include Marjorie Duncan Forleh (President), Erica Mansaray Nkele-Bai (Vice President), Odessa Farley (Financial Secretary), Mardea Kamara (Secretary), Blackie Vah (Chaplain), Mabinu Putu-Gooding, Bennetta Goodling, Lynn Wilson, Marie Cooper Yafondo, Rebecca Mansaray, and Eva Sahr (all members).


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