Information Minister Eugene Nagbe

The Government of Liberia says it is bringing into the Country emergency gasoline from neighboring countries to solve the ongoing gasoline crisis.

Information Minister Eugene Nagbe told ELBC Wednesday that the emergency gasoline is due into the Country within Forty-eight hours.

Minister Nagbe also disclosed that a vessel is due to dock at Freeport of Monrovia with enough quantity of gasoline by next week to remedy the situation.

The added “Government is importing emergency supplies to alleviate what’s happening now. I have come here to apologize to the public for the situation. The public is hurt. It is not their business to ensure that there is product on the market. It is our duty and so we take responsibility. Emergency supplies will start coming from neighboring countries within 24 to 48 hours. We have confirmed that we have some of the solutions insight”.

His apologies stem from previous announcement from the government that there were sufficient products on the market admitting that there was a big gap between the data made available to the government and the actual quantity in stock.

“There was a variation between the actual data and the reported data from the previous information given by the government. For this, we want to apologize as a government and we take responsibility. However, this discrepancy between actual data and reported data is not a new problem. It is something that has been happening over the years. That is why the President has constituted a technical committee that will help find a permanent solution to the situation” the Information Minister told ELBC Wednesday.

According to him, Government is expected to extend the free transportation service for the public soon.

The Information Minister said the decision to extend the free transportation service is part of the short term solution to ease transportation difficulties.


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