Information Minister Eugene Nagbe

Monrovia, Liberia – The Government of Liberia says it will establish a national Strategic Reserve for all major commodities that are essential to the livelihood of Liberians.

Information Minister Eugene Nagbe said commodities such as gasoline and rice are crucial to Liberians and their lack of availability has national security implications.

According to Minister Nagbe, the Strategic Reserve Policy will allow the government to make the products available for at least six months when there is a scarcity on the market.

Minister Nagbe was speaking Thursday at the Ministry of Information regular press briefing in Monrovia.

He said the involvement of the government in the market is part of long term efforts aimed at finding a permanent solution to situations such as the ongoing gasoline crisis.

Meanwhile Minister Nagbe said an emergency supply of gasoline will arrive in the country this Thursday from Neighboring Sierra Leone.

According to him the products were directly purchased by the government in partnership with licensed Importers and the government of Sierra Leone.


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