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Monrovia Liberia – The Government of Liberia has made initial intervention into the gasoline crisis.

This followed the arrival of the first consignment of gasoline, totaling about two hundred thousand gallons.

Information Minister Eugene Nagbe made the disclosure Friday through an interview with ELBC.

Minister Nagbe said the gas was brought into the Country from a neighboring Country by a fleet of more than twenty petrol tankers.

On Wednesday, the Government assured the public of bringing emergency gasoline as part of short term measure to solve the gasoline situation.

The Government also extended the free transportation service through the National Transit Authority to ease public transportation difficulties in and out of Monrovia.

“We have reserve of up to six months’ worth of petroleum products in the Country. Out of this crisis, we have a permanent solution”, Minister Said.

The Liberia Information Minister also disclosed that the second batch of petro will include fuel oil and gasoline.

“A second convoy will be arriving later on this evening”, Minister Nagbe also said “the idea is to ensure that all of the petroleum stations, not just the big ones, but also the smaller stations around the communities are given the capacity to serve the people”.

According to Minister Nagbe, another 12 Thousand Three Hundred tons of gasoline are on a ship to dock at the Freeport of Monrovia next week to resolve the gasoline crisis entirely and have enough in reserve.

Before the coming in of this 20 Thousand gallons of emergency gasoline in the Country, Government put into place series of measures including extending the three weeks free transportation service it is providing to the public through the National Transit Authority.  


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