Monrovia Liberia – Liberia has today Saturday February 15, 2020 join the rest of the world to commemorate the celebration of world pangolin day.

Pangolins are a species of mammals commonly known in Liberia as ants bear.

According to Julie Vannasche, sanctuary manager at Libassa wildlife sanctuary, Liberia is blessed to have only three of the pangolin species left in Africa.

They include the white, the black and the giant bely pangolins.

According to the director at the sanctuary, Jason Miller, the only other place in the world that pangolins are found are in Asia with very limited species of it.

He noted that because the pangolin scales are used in most of Asia for medicinal purposes, a huge quantity is trafficked globally.

The pangolin has since being labeled by conservationists around the world as endangered species with just eight of them left in the world.

At the same time, a ranger at the wildlife confiscation division at the forestry development authority, Marcus George says the Liberian government has made significant strides in protecting the pangolin and other endangered species in the country.

He noted that the government has won seven cases in court and put away people hunting and illegally trafficking endangered species.


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