Monrovia Liberia – A huge consignment of gasoline, totaling about 19-thousand metric tons, is expected to arrive in Liberia later today.

The metric tons are equivalent to more than six million gallons of gasoline.

The pronouncement was made over the weekend through a statement released by a petroleum importer, Conex Petroleum Group of Companies in Monrovia.

At the same time, an additional four million gallons of gasoline and more than two million gallons of diesel fuel are also expected to arrive in the Country.

In the statement, the company disclosed that Aminata and Sons has already purchased more than one million gallons of the gasoline onboard the ship to ensure that their various gas stations continue to meeting customers’ demand.

In a related development, the Conex Petroleum Group of Companies has committed itself to facilitating the sale of petroleum products to other Liberian importers and filling stations to resolve the gasoline shortage on the market.


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