Regina Sokan Teah - Head of CDA

Monrovia Liberia – Cooperative Development Agency, CDA says it working tirelessly with local farmers in the Rice, Cocoa and Coffee sectors to begin exportation of their products by 2023.

The CDA is the implementing arm of the Ministry of Agriculture responsible to ensure local farmers are grouped into corporative to enhance the production of locally grown products in Liberia.

According to the Registrar General of the CDA Regina Sokan Teah, the Agency is working with local farmers in the 15 counties to boost their ability in the production of rice produce to ensure food security in the Country.

Madam Sokan Teah said the CDA is vigorously working with local farmers to explore the lowlands in Liberia for the production of rice.

She said the use of lowlands in the production of rice, will ensure that rice is produced three times a year to supply more food in the country.

According to Madam Sokan-Teah, the vigorous use of the lowlands is on the advice of the Forestry Development Authority not to cut down trees as a means of protecting the environment and the Liberia from Climate change.

The CDA Registrar General re-iterated the Agency’s efforts in ensuring that Liberia produce and exports its own rice by 2023, stressing that there is great potential in the rice sector.

Meanwhile, Madam Sokan Teah said the Government of Liberia and partners are investing in the Cocoa and Coffee sectors to ensure the sectors are vibrant and reliable.

The Cooperative Development Agency was enacted in 1936 and began functional in 1980 through an Executive Order under which the CDA has functioned since then.


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