Agriculture Minister Jeanine Cooper

Monrovia Liberia – Locally produced upland rice is one surest recipe in battling strokes and diabetes in the body, as it does not contain much sugar or starch, that’s according to Liberia’s new Agriculture Minister Jeanine Cooper.

Agricultural products from Liberia are said to have superior quality tastes as compare to other countries, where Liberia most often import rice and other products from.

According to Agriculture Minister Jeanine Cooper, Liberia is producing healthy organic food considered as the best for the human body.

Madam Cooper said the Country has rich and fertile soil free of chemicals and fertilizers and possess the quality to produce food with natural nutrients than any other Country in the Sub-Region.

Speaking in an interview with this station Tuesday, she vowed to embark on a campaign to ensure that Liberians value their locally produced agricultural products as they have enormous health benefits.

The new Agriculture Minister said despite the imported agriculture products having little or no health benefits, many Liberians in the urban areas especially Monrovia prefer consuming them.

According to her, imported rice products are undermining the agri-business in Liberia, hampering local farmers from producing local rice because it won’t be bought by Liberians.

She said her campaign will focus on changing the mindset of Liberians to encourage them to eat more locally produced rice noting that such move will not just promote local farmers but also assured citizens of healthy benefits.

Minister Cooper said as part of her campaign to ensure local food products are consumed, Government will begin to procure locally produced food, something she said will encourage concessionaires and international partners in Liberia to follow suit.

The Founder of the Fabrar, a local agriculture company producing rice in Liberia, believed that consuming local food will promote healthy living and improve the agriculture sector.


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