President George Weah administering the oath of office to Minister Cooper

Monrovia Liberia – President George Weah has reaffirmed the commitment of Government to develop the Agriculture sector through a well-organized Agriculture Development Program.

President Weah said the new approach by Government will lead to increase in food productivity and boost agro-business.

The Liberian Leader stressed the new Agriculture Minister, Jeanine Cooper, needs to take practical steps to develop the Agriculture sector.

He added, “We are gathered here today on this solemn occasion to commission the second Minister of Agriculture of my Administration. This is the result of a long and careful search to find the most suitable person to lead the agricultural transformation of our economy. This is an objective that is very dear to my heart, because I believe that a well-organized agriculture development program is the key tool for this administration to be able to unlock the full potential of our population and lift our people out of poverty, and into a productive and prosperous life”.

President Weah said Government, with support from its international partners, will work to unlock the full potential of the population and lift the people out of poverty.

He was speaking Tuesday at the Commissioning ceremony of Agriculture Minister Jeanine Cooper at his Foreign Ministry office.

“And so, Madam Minister-Designate, you have been vetted, selected, nominated, confirmed and are being commissioned with the full confidence and support of this Government to go forth and make our land blossom and bloom, in the interest of our people. Our expectations of you are high, and justifiably so, and we are sure that you will live up to these expectations and not disappoint us. You have asked me for my vision, and I have told you that first of all, I want our nation to be able to feed itself and invest agri-business. And you have promised me if that is all I want; I will have it in the shortest possible time. And I hold you to your word. So today, by your testimony, please join me as I give you your marching orders by commissioning you to take your Oath of Office and commence your work ” the Liberian urged the Agriculture Minister.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Jeanine Cooper praised the soil as healthy and nutritious.

Minister Cooper said it is possible to capitalize produce from farms and make them into world-class products.

She promised to work along with her team to bridge the gap between farmers and policy makers to grow the Agro-market of the Country.

The Agriculture Minister said the vision of President Weah is making the Country food-sufficient and having a competitive Agriculture sector.

Minister Jeanine Cooper said Liberia will be able to move along with rest of the world towards organic and nutritious food production using pesticide.

Speaking at her commissioning ceremony, Minister Cooper thanked President Weah for her preferment and promised to live to the expectations of the Liberian people.


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