Asst Minister for Mines Emmanuel Swen

Monrovia Liberia – The Liberia mines and energy ministry has alarmed over the consistent attitude of Liberians who are fronting for foreign mining companies.

The assistant minister for mines at the minister of mines and energy Emmanuel Swen, stated the mining laws allow only Liberian miners to get involved with artisanal and small scale mining.

He stated the annual registration fee for Liberian mining firms in the artisanal sector is one hundred and fifty united states dollars, whilst on the smallest scale for foreign miners is ten thousand united states dollars annually.

He made the disclosure in an ELBC interview Thursday in Paynesville.

He further stated that even during inspection, local residents always prevent the employees of the ministry from inspecting because they receive handouts from these foreign miners who they are fronting for.

Fronting by Liberians for foreign companies is common place in the country as most foreign companies often used it as a means to avoid taxes.

Minister Swen said that the government is encouraging Liberians to stop fronting for these companies because they are only hurting the country rather than helping.


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