Moses D. Weah - Governor of New Kru Town

Monrovia Liberia – The Governor of the Borough of New Kru Town has lauded the work of the Liberia Crusaders for peace for helping to promote public health in Liberia.

Governor Moses Weah recounted the work done by the LCP, particularly Culture Ambassador Juli Endee in creating awareness on disease prevention in Liberia over the years.

Governor Weah described Ambassador Endee as hard-working and someone whose work has help to save lives in the Borough of New Kru Town and other areas during the Ebola crisis.

“I have always heard about this woman and I was Glad to meet her in person recently after the wonderful work she has done in this Borough. She indeed knows the subject matter when it comes to public health promotion and social mobilization. No wonder why she has always enjoyed the confidence of successive governments and international partners” Governor Weah said of the Executive Director of the Liberia Crusaders for Peacce.

He was speaking Thursday in New Kru Town during a one day community engagement organized by the Liberia Crusaders for Peace in collaboration with the Partnership for Research on Vaccines and Infectious Disease in Liberia.

It was part of social mobilization, community engagement, and outreach activities in support of the closure of the Ebola Natural History Study and the PREVAIL Vaccine Studies in Liberia.

PREVAIL has been conducting vaccine studies and clinical trials along with the Ebola Natural History Study in Liberia since 2015.

Also speaking at the program, New Kru Town former Governor Alice Wiah thanked PREVAIL and the Liberia Crusaders for Peace for their intervention in the Borough during the Ebola crisis in the country.

Madam Wiah added “When many organizations and individuals were afraid to come to New Kru Town, it was our own Ambassador Juli Endee and the PREVAIL family that came here to educate our people. They still remain engaged with the Borough up to now. This tells you the level of concern the Ambassador has for our people here”.

Ambassador Endee and the Liberia Crusaders have always been at the fore front of social mobilization and outreach about public health activities in Liberia.


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