Some Workers at the Garson Steel Factory

By: Rachel G. Kollie (LNTV)

The Environmental Protection Agency Deputy Executive Director Randall Dorgbayou says anyone violating EPA’s mandate will be dealt with according to the Laws of Liberia.

Mr. Dougbayou said pollution of the environment is a clear violation of the environmental laws of Liberia and also has the propensity to endanger human lives.

According to Mr. Dougbayou, EPA will continue to work to ensure a safe and a healthy environment for citizens.

Speaking at the shutdown of the Garson Steel Corporation over the weekend, Mr. Dougbayou disclosed that the company has been operating in violation of the environmental laws thereby creating health hazard for residents near the factory.

The EPA Deputy Chief told ELBC that they have tried to get Garson Steel to comply with the environmental laws, but the company has failed to listen.

He said penalties for such violation include fine, imprisonment or closure.

In reaction to the EPA’s action, Garson Steel Corporation’s General Manager Nathaniel Williams denied breaching the environmental laws of Liberia and expressed disappointment over the shutdown of his company.

Mr. Williams described the shutdown as a setback that will not only affect the company and its employees, but also the general public.


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