Mr. Prince Tamba

Monrovia Liberia – A Liberian transport engineer Prince Tamba is optimistic about the economic and financial potential of the new Roberts International Airport highway reconstruction project.

Prince Tamba is predicting a major boom in economic activities that will enhance the viability of the Liberian economy when the road is completed as planned.

Mr. Tamba is also recommending to the government to make the port of Buchanan in Grand Bassa County, more functional thereby diverting traffic from the Freeport of Monrovia through the highway.

Speaking in an ELBC interview Tuesday, Mr. Tamba said when this is done it will greatly boost trade and increase the economic rate of returns to the country.

Mr. Prince Tamba stated that it’s time people see the Roberts International Airport Highway as a commercial express road.

At the same time Mr. Tamba says if these roads must be sustained they will have to pay for itself if there is improved economic traffic and with a toad system put in place.


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