Plans are underway to expand the Liberia water and Sewer Corporation systems to tackle the regular leakages in the sewage lines across Central Monrovia.

Currently, the LWSC is doing routine inspection and maintenance to hot areas in central Monrovia to clean up the sewage lines and prevent population.

According to our Reporter wastes can be seen pouring out from burst sewage lines and tanks in Central Monrovia including Buzzy Quarters and down Water Street.

LWSC Communication Manager Nimpson Todd attributed the sewage problem to over-population in the City, adding more load on the system.

Speaking in an Interview with this Station Monday, Mr. Todd also blamed the dilapidated equipment for the problem currently experienced in the sewage systems across Central Monrovia.

The LWSC Communication Manager also relieved the public of any fear that the current leakage in the sewage system will pollute the Water system.

He said system lines are laid out separately and distinctly to avoid any possibility of pollution of the Water.

Mr. Todd said the Water lines are sourced by the White Plains far from where sewage lines are laid.

According to him the Liberian civil crisis also crippled the infrastructure of the LWSC, the effect that is being experienced today.

Though no timeline has been attached to the expansion of the sewage system, Mr. Todd maintained that the Management is sourcing funding to execute the plans.

He said if the expansion process is implemented it will solve the problem of feces pouring out in central Monrovia and other parts of the Capital.


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