Pres.Contributes to LINSU National Quizzing Competition

MONROVIA, LIBERIA- (Joetta Kullah) President George Weah has provided 1.5 million Liberian Dollars contribution to the Liberian National Student Union (LINSU) for its quizzing competition.

Several other prominent Liberians and institutions have also made huge contributions to the LINSU National Quizzing Competition.

According to LINSU President, Mohammed Kamara, Youth and Sports Minister, Zeogar Wilson, contributed 200,000.00 Liberian Dollars, while the Education Ministry gave 1 million LD, and Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Kojee contributing 500,000.00 LD among others.

Mr. Kamara said the contributions of President Weah and other individuals and institutions followed several appeals from the student community for support to its national quizzing competition.

The LINSU Boss said that the quizzing competition is expected to bring together several schools across the Country, and therefore needs more financial support.


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