Taxi-driver Sampson Lucky

Monrovia, Liberia – Commercial taxi-drivers are been urged to institute the hand washing protocol and encouraged their passengers to follow the measures in the traffic.

According to an Airport Taxi-driver Sampson Lucky, all drivers must carry sanitizers or chlorine water in their cars to allow passengers abide by the preventive measures before entering their vehicles.

According to Mr. Lucky, he pick passenger from Gardnersville to Boulevard every morning before heading to the Airport.

Our Reporter said the Taxi-Driver has a bottle of chlorine water in his car that he compels every passenger to use before opening his car door.

In an interview with this Station Tuesday, Mr. Lucky said his decision is part of efforts to prevent the spread of the Virus from one person to another.

He said it is also aimed at protecting himself from people he gets in contact with on a daily basis.

Our Reporter quotes Mr. Lucky as calling on the State securities to enforce that every private or commercial driver has a sanitizer or chlorine water in their cars.

Liberia is the latest Country to report cases of Corona Virus in the African Region, following the outbreak in China.

WHO has declared the Virus as Pandemic with Europe being the epicenter of the virus giving the number of cases reported on there.

So far Liberia has recorded two cases of COVID-19. The Environmental Protection Agency executive Director Nathaniel Blama was first victim of the virus in Liberia.

Mr. Blama had just returned from Switzerland and was tested positive of the virus.

A day after an attendant in his residence was also tested positive of the virus bringing the number of two confirmed cases in the Country.


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