Farmington Hotel, Liberia based in Harbel, Liberia.

MARGIBI COUNTY, LIBERIA – The Management of Farmington Hotel in Margibi County has redundant its entire workers union leadership, along with five other employees.

The Hotel Management cited low attendants, due to the confirmed cases of the Corona Virus in Liberia as the bases for its action.

According to a release, a total of 11 employees of the hotel were on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 served communications informing them about the Management’s decision to redundant them.

However, the redundant employees reportedly refuted the claim alleging that they had been targeted, because of their critical stance on maltreatments being meted out to employees of the Hotel.

The release said 10 of the affected employees rejected the communication from the Management on grounds that they were wrongfully redundant, citing the Decent Work Act of 2015, which they claim protects leaders of workers unions against action of redundancy by any employer in Liberia. 

Speaking to ELBC Wednesday, the Farmington Hotel Workers Union President, Eric Jallah, said the Supreme Court of Liberia had instructed the Hotel Management not to redundant any of its workers, amidstsexual harassmentlawsuit,among other allegations, against them. 

Mr. Jallah said in February this year, the entire members of the Farmington Hotel Workers Union leadership were listed to be redundant by the Hotel Management, because of such critical stance the workers have taken against them.


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