NPHIL Director General-Designate, Dr. Mosoka Fallah

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – About 13 persons believed to be primary contacts to the first and third Coronavirus patients have tested negative.

At a special Press briefing by the Incident Management Team(IMT), NPHIL Director General-Designate, Dr. Mosoka Fallah, said the specimens of over 50 persons have been taken to conduct additional tests.

Dr. Fallah said they will be discharged if the results come out negative, he also announced they are due to redo the tests of those positive of COVID-19 to know the status of their recovery.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fallah said individuals considered high risks are still in isolation to break the chain of transmission if they show symptoms.

He has also sharply reacted to information alleging that Health Authorities have planned to spray the air with coronavirus early Sunday morning. Dr. Fallah termed the information as misleading and untrue.

According to him, those spreading such information are the real enemies of the State whose intent is to plunge the Country into another health crisis.

The NPHIL Director-Designate said they will keep the public abreast of latest developments on the health crisis and urged those engaged in spreading false information to desist.

Dr. Fallah said such behavior has the propensity to cause mistrust among citizens, Government and the International Partners.


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