One of WIPNET Wash Stations near the Fish Market in Sinkor

Monrovia, Liberia – Liberian women are continuing their sit-in action along the Fish market in Sinkor praying for God’s intervention on Liberia and creating safety awareness about the corona virus outbreak in the Country.

The women have always gathered at that spot whenever the Country is facing national crisis or upheavals including civil war and epidemic to pray to God.

They are part of the Women in Peace Building Network, WIPNET that promotes peace and security in Liberia especially promoting women, peace and security.

According to the National Coordinator of WIPNET Victoria Wollie, the women are gathered to create awareness and demonstrate the health protocols put in place by Health authorities.

Liberia currently has three confirmed cases with contact tracing on going.

Madam Wollie said the women are demonstrating hand washing, social distancing and creating awareness about the virus to break the chain for it to spread further.

She called on Liberians to abide by all health measures put in place by the government of Liberia aimed at stopping further spread of COVID-19.

Madam Wollie said while the Mothers are praying regularly for the Nation, it is important for Liberians to protect themselves from corona virus by observing social distance and washing hands regularly.

The gathering of the women along the Fish Market is familiar to Liberians because thousands of white shirt women convened there during the Liberian civil crisis to protest against the war that took the lives of thousands of Liberians.

During the Ebola Virus outbreak, the women also gathered there to pray and create awareness for Liberians to protect themselves from the EVD in 2014.

Madam Wollie said the women of Liberia have a responsibility to pray for the Nation always and especially during national crisis and upheavals.

She said to break the spread of the virus, the Women feel obligated to sacrifice in spreading the preventive messages.

Though risky, Madam Wollie maintained their zest continuing their efforts in ending the spread of covid-19, noting that the risk is worth taking for the sake of the Country.

But speaking to the Liberia National Television, Madam Wollie said in spite of what they doing, they have no support from anywhere.

“The Women have no water or food to eat from anywhere” she said.

The Women group Head wants humanitarian groups to join ranks with them in the fight against Corona virus.

She used the occasion to urge state securities to be vigilant at the various borders to ensure the virus is stopped at all borders.


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