The Liberia Senate in one of its Sections.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – Confirmation hearing for NEC Chairman –Designate, Cllr.  NdubusiNwabudike, ended Wednesday at the Liberian Senate.

The two -day hearing chaired by the Committee on Autonomous Agencies and Commissions, requested Cllr. Nwabudike to submit his original naturalization documents but the witness only produced a photocopy of the documents.

According to our Legislative Reporter, the Committee, among other things, further discovered conflicting information  on the NEC Chairman Designate’s passport and other documents submitted by him.

Following crossed-examination of the NEC Chairman-Designate, the Committee Chair, Sinoe County Senator, Milton Teahjay, announced the end of the confirmation.

Meanwhile, the Senate Committee on Autonomous Agencies and Commissions Wednesday recommended the confirmation of NEC Commissioners- designate, with a motion of reconsideration against the confirmation of Nominee Floyd Sayor.

Those poised to be confirmed include, NEC Co-Chair-Designate, Davidetta Browne-Lasana, Commissioners BarseeKpaingbai, Josephine Kou Gaye and Ernestine Morgan-Awar.


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