Maxime Bleetahn - Director of Communications, MOE

The Ministry of Education has re-introduced   an educational program called Teaching by Radio.

According to the Education Ministry’s Director of Communications, Maxime Bleetahn, the Teaching by Radio Program is a home emergency learning exercise, intended for students and parents during the period of the coronavirus.

The Program was initiated because of government’s recent mandate to shut down schools across Liberia until the deadly Virus is curtailed in the Country.

Speaking Monday to THE Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) in Paynesville, Mr. Bleetahn said the Teaching by Radio Program is mainly targeting students from the Early Childhood to the Basic levels.

He mentioned English, Mathematics, Reading, History, Social Studies, among others as subjects to be taught, with the exception of Physics and Chemistry.

The Education Ministry’s Communications Director disclosed that over 20 experts in these subject areas will develop scripts and produced them by recording after which such educational materials would be submitted to various radio stations throughout Liberia to be aired.

He further disclosed that the Program will be televised and presented on Facebook to enable all students get the lessons.

Mr. Bleetahn was quick to point out that the Team-In-Charge of the Teaching by Radio is working in line with the 2019 to 2020 academic calendar and is devising strategies to communicate with the public on the time the Program’s airing will commence and on the number of presenters to allow for public inquiries.

He expressed conviction that the students will take very seriously the Teaching by Radio Program to get prepared for the next session after the Corona pandemic would have been curtailed in Liberia.

Director Bleetahn added that following the Six Week Program,  the Management Team will hold consolations with partners to ascertain whether the Teaching by Radio Program will continue, based on its impact.

It can be recalled that, during the EBOLA outbreak in Liberia `1  in 2014, the Ministry of Education and Partners introduced the Teaching by Radio Program that greatly helped students in the Country.


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