Three major states in the country are on a 14-day lockdown

Nigeria’s Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has dismissed claims that medical kits from China are contaminated with coronavirus.

The Center said there is no evidence of COVID – 19 contamination and the kits were effective when safely used by health workers.

Last week, Nigeria’s Information Minister also dismissed claims that medical kits donated by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma and the Chinese Government are infected.

On Sunday, Nigeria reported eight new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 232.

The Center told the BBC, 33 people had so far been discharged from hospital after receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Doctors’ Association has criticized a government’s plan to bring 18 Chinese Doctors into that country to help fight the coronavirus.

The Nigerian Medical Association said it would be better to make use of the many unemployed or under-employed medical personnel already in Nigeria.

It also said the Chinese Doctors would not be familiar with the culture or challenges of working in Nigeria.

On Saturday, the government said the doctors had been invited to share their experiences on how the pandemic had been handled in China and denied that they were coming to take charge of the fight against the virus.


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