Rep. Joseph Somwarbi

Monrovia, Liberia – The House Committee Chairman on Health, Joseph Somwarbi, says Government is striving to ensure that health workers are compensated, despite the prevailing challenges.

Representative Somwarbi said government is aware that health workers are the front liners in the fight against the coronavirus, and therefore they should not be neglected by any means.

Speaking Wednesday to this station in Paynesville, the Nimba County Lawmaker further noted that no one can pay for someone else’ life, making reference to the vital role health practitioners are playing in the fight against the deadly pandemic.

He assured that health workers and contact tracers will be motivated for their demonstrated commitment towards saving lives.

Representative Somwarbi did not specify the time the medical workers would be compensated, but disclosed that modalities are being worked out to address the issue.

In a related development, the Nimba County district-three Lawmaker is urging inhabitants, especially his constituents, to report new arrivals in the County to the County authorities.

According to Representative Somwarbi, his district has several porous borders with coronavirus-plagued Guinea and Ivory Coast and he is urging his citizens to avoid traveling to those countries. Meanwhile, the House Committee Chairman on Health is appealing to the Liberian people to take seriously the health preventative measures instituted by the government to ensure that they collectively eradicate the coronavirus from Liberia.


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