a deserted Somalia Drive, as Liberians Observes State of Emergency

Monrovia, Liberia – The government of Liberia is warning people against any form of impersonation as individuals accredited for COVID-19 fight in Liberia.

In a statement Tuesday, the Liberian Government said its attention has been drawn to acts of violation of the stay-home measures by individuals claiming to possess passes that allow them to be out of their homes after 3pm.

The statement released by MICAT said such transgressions run contrary to the expressed intent of the State of Emergency declared by President George Weah on last Wednesday April 8, 2020.

The government maintained that only health workers and their support staff, accredited Journalists on duty, members of the House of Representatives, Senate and Judiciary will be exempted during the period of the State of Emergency.

The warning is not only to private individual citizens and residents, but also to government officials who are not directly involved in the national response against COVID-19.

The statement added “all other persons, including other officials of government, in the streets after 3pm will be in violation of the law”.

“We are all required to obey the stipulated protocols as we strive to preserve lives and the stability of the country. The disruption of normal activities occasioned by the emergency measures is hopefully only temporary” the MICAT statement added.

The government is meanwhile urging all citizens and residents to respect the security apparatus, including the ‘Monrovia and Paynesville City Police-which are part of the security network-as they carry out the enforcement of measures intended to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, while also maintaining city ordinance’.


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