The Liberian Senate

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Liberian Senate has endorsed an investigation into allegations levied against it by Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon.

The decision followed a report from the Senate Leadership in response to a complaint from Lofa County Senator, George Tengbeh, against Senator Dillon.

Recently Senator Tengbeh submitted a communication to the Plenary of the Senate, alleging that Senator Dillon degraded the Liberian Senate.

According to ELBC Legislative Reporter, following the reading of the report, the Senators expressed diverse views concerning the pending investigation against Senator Dillon.

The debate was closed with a motion proffered by Montserrado County Senator, Saah Joseph, and seconded with subsequent endorsement by the Senate Leadership to begin investigation and report to Plenary Wednesday, next week.

By: Cecelia Clarke


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