NWASH Chairman, Bobby Whitefield

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -The National Water Sanitation and Hygiene Commission’s Chairman, Bobby Whitfield, is calling on Liberians to depoliticize their intervention in the WASH sector.

Mr. Whitfield said political leaders and other Liberians, interested in constructing WASH-related facilities in communities, should do so in consultation with the Commission.

Speaking to ELBC Friday, Mr. Whitfield noted that the WASH Commission has guidelines for constructing WASH facilities for the interest and safety of community dwellers.

At the same time, the WASH Commission’s Chairman has lauded local and international partners for their continuous efforts to eradicate Covid-19 from Liberia.

Mr. Whitfield also noted that the Commission, with assistance from partners, has shifted its focus on communities that are Coronavirus hotspots for distribution of WASH-related anti-Coronavirus materials.


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