MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Four ex-Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) officials responded to Government lawyers’ criminal indictment case with a not guilty plea, after they were arraigned at Criminal Court ’C’ at the Temple  of Justice.

Defendants Milton Weeks, Elsie Dossie Badio, Kollie Tamba and David Farhat on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, pleaded not guilty, there by shifting the burdens on Government lawyers to prove their claims against them, consistent with the Civil Law Procedure.

ELBC Judicial Reporter said:” The indicted ex-CBL officials have waived their rights for juror’s trial to allow the Court sit as jurors during the hearing.”

Prior to the ex-CBL officials’ response, the Court also dropped charges against three of the seven ex-CBL indictees in connection with excess printing of two-billion Liberia Dolllars.

Dorbor Hagba, Joseph Dennis and Richard Walker were set free for the second time by Judge Yamie Gbeisay, following an application from prosecuting lawyer Cllr. Jerry Garlawolu, consistent with Chapter 18, Section 18.1 of the Criminal Procedure Law of Liberia.

By: Fabine Kwiah


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