MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Human Rights Lawyer, Cllr. Dempster Brown, is seeking the prosecution of Pastor Darlington Walker of Gospel Faith International Church, for allegedly obtaining a fake Action of Divorce document from the Civil Law Court.

It followed Cllr. Brown’s five-count Bill of Information to the court, alleging that Pastor Walker obtained a divorce document against his client, Theresa Marlu-Walker, fraudulently from Civil Law Court Clerk, Nah Walker.

In his Bill of Information, Cllr. Brown also alleged that Pastor Walker impregnated another lady in the church in which he pastors.

In another development, the Monrovia City Court has sent to jail an employee of the Population Service International (PSI), for theft of property and misapplication of entrusted property.

Judge Jomah Jallah’s writ of arrest was based on a complaint filed by PSI, indicating that in March this year the Defendant purposely received and retained assets of the entity in the tune of over fifteen-thousand United States Dollars.

According to Court document, said assets included four-hundred gallons of fuel that defendant Benedict Dahntee, out of deception, continues to retain.

The act of the Defendant is in violation of the new Penal Law of Liberia.

At the same time, the Monrovia City Court Associate Magistrate has issued a Writ of Possession to evict Defendant James Quoi of the Jubilee Worship Center, based on a complaint filed by Madam Nyenekon D’Almeida.

The writ in the possession of ELBC indicates that the complainant’s property is situated in Fiamah, Sinkor, where people are under his control in the premises.

The writ said in the event where defendant Quoi applied violence to illegally withhold said property, the Court officers are ordered by the Court to use proportional force and violence to have him evicted from said property.

Madam D’Ameida told the Court that Defendant Quoi has occupied said property for over a year, owing one-thousand-eight-hundred United States Dollars as rental, and has since refused to pay.

According to the Complainant, the Defendant on several occasions has failed to live up to his promises.

By: Fabine Kwiah


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