LOFA COUNTY, LIBERIA-The 10th Judicial Circuit Court in Lofa County has rendered a non-guilty verdict in favor of a 32-year old man, accused of raping a 12-year old girl.

In June2019, the accused, George Wolobah, was indicted and placed behind bar at the Voinjama Central Prison, for one year by the grand jury after he was accused of committing the act.

Court’s document in the possession of this station is quoted as saying it was a man identified as Albert Smith who committed the act.

According to our Correspondent, witnesses testified that the accused was not in the community when the incident occurred, thereby allowing the Court to set him free.

Meanwhile, the man has termed the court’s ruling as landmark, made possible by God.

At the same time, the 10th Judicial Circuit Court has ruled in a land dispute involving the people of Gbah-kpla-zu and Zanglo Towns in Lofa County.

According to ELBC Upper Lofa County Correspondent, the land, in keeping with the customary law, became a public land after it was abandoned for more than seven years by the people of Zanglo town.

Our Correspondent said residents of Gbah-kpla-zu began farming on the land, thus creating serious dispute and violence between the two towns.

The case was forwarded to court for legal settlement by the Township Commissioner, Peter Saywala.

Our Correspondent said in its Thursday, July 9, 2020 ruling, the court approved for the people of Gbah-kpla-zu to continue their communal farming on the land.


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