LOWER MARGIBI COUNTY, LIBERIA-A female Canoe Operator in Lower Margibi County at the Du-River is calling on stakeholders in the County to assist with life jackets that would help them safely cross passengers to the other side of the river.

According to ELBC Lower Margibi County Correspondent, passengers wanting to cross over from the Harbel and Du-side Hospital side of the river are currently stranded, due to the lack of life jackets for canoe operators in the area.

At such, Mamie Jones said:” Passengers, including patients, find it difficult to get treatment as a result of late arrival at Du-side Hospital and other health centers across the river, due to the failure of canoe operators to provide life jackets for their passengers.”

Prior to the start of the ongoing construction of the bridge over the Du-river, commuters were crossing from a point that they consider preferable, but the point was changed upon the arrival of construction workers.

It can be record in 2019 that a canoe carrying twelve passengers capsized over the river, but the passengers narrowly escaped death due to the help of rescue workers and some community dwellers in the area.


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