some of the production machines on display.

The Association of Evangelicals of Liberia (AEL), a local faith based organization in the country says it is not leaving no stone unturned to ensure that agriculture is improved at an appreciative level in the country.

The organization has engaged several local farmers in Rivercess County and empowered them from 15 communities, as part of its improved lively hood project in Rivercess.

AEL has made available 15 cassava processing machines valued at half a Million United States Dollars to farmers from 15 communities in the county.

“The planting of vegetables is part of AEL the improved lively hood project in Rivercess County,” AEL Food Security Manager, Curtis Dabieh noted”.

Mr. Dabieh said the project is targeting 300 farmers in the county under the improved lively hood project, in which vegetable production plays a key role in the program.

He pointed out that the machines are provided free of charge with AEL monitoring and maintaining the machines.

“After certain period the farmers will now take ownership of the machine” Dabieh said.

He disclosed that the project will be implemented in three years period with the hope to be extended to other parts of the county.

The AEL Food and Security Manager said the machines are capable of processing about 100 Kg of Cassava per day and it is mobile.

He named bad road condition as one of the factors hampering the sale of the farina and vegetables to the market by farmers in the county.

Mr. Dabieh is encouraging local business people especially businesses that are involved in the processing super farina and buyers of vegetables to buy from these farmers in the county.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dabieh is calling on government to prioritize infrastructure development in the agriculture sector with the citizenry having access to food and market to buy.

The beneficiaries and county authorities have expressed gratitude to the Association of Evangelicals of Liberia for empowering local farmers in the county.

They have promised to ensure that the project is maintained and sustained to enable local farmers from all 15 counties to gain economic empowerment.



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