Staffs at work at the Forever Low Option for Water (FLOW)

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – As Government and partners strive to provide safe drinking water for its citizenry, there are some local non-government organizations working in the WASH sector that are leaving no stone unturned in providing safe drinking water to Liberians.

One of such organization is the Forever Low Option for Water (FLOW). FLOW was established by a young and enterprising Liberian, Shemuker J. McCain after been trained as an engineer in by the German organization since its establishment has been providing water.

Presently, Mr. McCain disclosed that his organization is implementing project for the Liberia Foot Ball Association at its Soccer Academy in Careysburg.

Meanwhile, Mr. McCain is appealing to the Government of Liberia and Liberians, both local and international organizations for support. He encouraged them to contract FLOW for the drilling of bole holes and construction of hand pumps the drilling process mud is used to enable FLOW to clean up the boles holes.

Forever Low option for Water, FLOW since its establishment in 2017, has been providing safe drinking water to Liberians and organizations in the country.

FLOW, according Mr. McCain is involved is manual drilling of bole holes using the E-Max Technology.

The E-Max is a German Technology, a simple way to drilling and through this technology a bole hole can be drilled up to 500 feet. He disclosed that usually his company used six hours to complete one bole hole.

As part of the drilling process, an inspection is done at the site using lead rod, coconut or chicken eggs to discover whether the water in the area is good for human consumption.

He said after using this method, his team conduct a search of bed rock where the drilling will take place. “We look for bed rock to ensure that the rock doesn’t serve as a hindrance when the drilling is going on“

Shemuker also disclosed that in the drilling process, mud is used for the process to ensure that water from the bole hole is clean and safe for drinking.

The head of FLOW further said after the process of drilling his organization has produced a local hand pump which is less expensive to acquire by for clients.

He said his organization is also involved in the training of individuals who do not have skills the E-MAX Technology.

He said FLOW has expertise in constructing irrigation systems for farmers to ensure that water is available on their respective farms.

He said FLOW has worked for households, both local and International organizations providing safe drinking water.


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