Some anti-rape campaigners calling for an end to rape in Liberia

An Anti-Rape group, March for Justice is calling for an amendment to the existing rape laws of Liberia.

The Head of the group, Titus Kpakala, said the current rape law does not address what he termed as intimate partner violence and calls for said action to be considered.

Mr. Kpakala is at the same time recommending the decentralization of Criminal Court “E” across the Country to ensure speedy trial of those indicted for rape.

He told ELBC Wednesday that speedy trial of rape perpetrators would reduce the number of rape cases on the various Court dockets.

Mr. Kpakala emphasized that it is important to divorce politics from the issue of rape and warned public officials intending to use the situation to gain political relevance to desist.

He said their campaign against rape is non-political and called on political actors to stay away from their campaign as their presence would undermine the process.


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