Atty John Sackor

Monrovia, Liberia – The National Father of the Liberia Baptist Men’s Department Atty. John Sackor has called for complete unity among members of the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational convention.

Atty Sackor said current arrangements leading to the holding of convention in the wake of crisis is unconstitutional and could set a bad precedence.

He said ongoing demand of Baptist men and some Pastors including Deacons to hold a new convention is simply at attempt to grab power.

“ I too, I am not happy and have been disturbed by action of National Baptist men including some Pastors and Deacons of the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention to tear the institution apart only because of power and greed, this is so saddened “, he emphasized.

The National Baptist father of the year recalled that in times of crisis over the period, dating back at the 1980 coup, the civil unrest and Ebola epidemic, the convention waited until things were normal before taking the necessary decision, why in the case of Corona pandemic, he wondered.

According to him there is no provision in the Baptist Constitution that requires the sitting president to turn over power to the executive secretary or board of executives in the time of crisis, maintaining that ongoing arrangement is a bad precedence.

“However, since we all claimed that we are Educated people, why we did not go for a referendum to amend the constitution and say in the case of crisis, the April or May year section, we should have a convention “Atty. Sackor stated.

Speaking Sunday August 30, 2020 when he was again sashed and crowned National Baptist Father of the year 2020/2021, Father Sackor encouraged his people to now see unity as the cornerstone to uplift the Baptist convention.

“Let’s not compare ourselves with the Methodist because they are United in structure and everything. But for us we are divided” he added.

He stressed that every auxiliary Church of the Baptist denomination is one way or the Order independent and the President of the convention is a ceremonial head, unlike other churches.

Atty. Sackor at the same time thanked God for retaining such honor in succession, first of its kind in the history of the Baptist men’s Department and was also quick to commend his colleagues for reposing confidence in him to serve them once more.

He also pledged his unflinching support to the department and the Institution in general.


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