Gun and some harmful tools usually used in armed robbery

MARGIBI COUNTY, LIBERIA – An arm robbery incident occurred on Monday night at about 7:30 in the Peace Iceland Community in Dolo Town, Lower Margibi County. 

The victim, SedekeTawally, told ELBC Lower Margibi County Correspondent, that the robbers, three in number, entered their home and later put him and his family at gun-point.

Mr. Tawally said the robbers demanded from them money and other valuable items they had in the house and threatened to kill them, if they did not meet up with their demand.

He further told our Correspondent that the robbers later made away with six hundred, eighty United States dollars and seven expressive cell phones.

His son, Abas, identified one of the armed robbers as his father’s former driver, Abel Kaba, who, he said, was wearing a yellow shirt during the commission of the robbery.

The Tawally Family is, meanwhile, calling on State Security to reintroduce the nighttime curfew, especially on motorbike movements, in Dolo Town and surrounding communities to curb the situation.


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