The Liberian Government and development partners launching the Spotlight Initiative.

VOIJAMIN, LOFA COUNTY–Lofa County Superintendent, William Kambah, has praised the European Union (EU) and UN Women for training Liberian women under the Spotlight Initiative Project.

Superintendent Kambah said the donors’ sponsorship to train more than 75 traditional women drawn from eleven Administrative Districts in Lofa County, will improve their livelihood.

According to ELBC Upper Lofa County Correspondent, the project is on-going in four other targeted Counties, including Lofa, and implemented by Plan Liberia and the Women Solidarity Incorporated.

Our Correspondent said the Superintendent challenged the beneficiaries to put into practice the knowledge acquired.

Our Correspondent also quotes the Spokesperson of the Traditional Women, Ma Watta Kamara, and the lead facilitator of the training, Dede Kamoe, as saying the training will enable women to manage and sustain their businesses.


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