Mrs. Estelle Liberty Kemoh - Director General, LBS

Monrovia Liberia – New Liberia Broadcasting System Director-General, Madam Estelle Liberty Kemoh has called for a work environment that reflects love, unity, and respect.

Speaking when she officially took over Wednesday, Madam Kemoh described such virtues as tools for growth and advancement.

She thanked President George Weah for her preferment and praised people who have guided her career up to the top level. See full text of the Director General’s Take-Over Speech below.

I am truly delighted to stand before you all today. I do not intend to say much because the key celebrant of today’s event is Mr. Rennie; however, there are still a few words of reflection and gratitude I would like to share.

Today we celebrate the turning over of office of our Director General Mr. Ledgerhood J. Rennie and the coming in of a new Director-General of the Liberia Broadcasting System. New, not necessarily to the institution but to the tasks and responsibilities of the position.

The systemic changes Mr. Rennie made cannot be overemphasized and I cannot fathom how he made a task so huge seem so small. I am a witness to his level of dedication, commitment, and diligence, all of which have brought us this far. His leadership has progressively altered this institution; and we are truly grateful. As we celebrate Mr. Rennie today let us strive to continue and complete what he started.

Let us also remember this: Mr. Rennie left no room for complacency, therefore we cannot and must not be complacent. We must continue to work with the same zeal, not for the praises of men but for the holistic development of the institution and nation. Mr. Rennie has set the bar so high and only through real commitment and dedication we would achieve half of what he has achieved, twice as much dedication and commitment to achieve more.

Scripture clarifies that we are one body with many parts; every part is essential and given a specialized task for the development of the body.  This means that a deficiency in a single part could cause the malfunctioning of the whole body. Every single work, irrespective of title or perceived importance, counts.

Our work must reflect love, unity, and respect for each other; more importantly, it must be guided by the laws and policies of the Liberia Broadcasting System. These are our tools for growth and advancement. They are the bedrock of our previous accomplishment and everything we have achieved as an organization.

In the spirit of gratitude, I extend thanks and appreciation firstly to GOD Almighty, the author and finisher of my faith. The one who brought this day to pass. This appointment is beyond my wildest imagination but GOD knew that this day would come from the foundation of my life, and He aligned my steps in order to bring it to pass. I could not be more grateful.

To the President of Liberia, Dr. George Manneh Weah, who has entrusted me with this task, I am privileged to be a part of your huge agenda for this country. I am also thankful for the people you selected (my counterparts Mrs. Tetee Gebro and Mr. Bioma JV. Bioma) to work with me in sharing this great vision.

In the same vein, I do share the views of many who appreciate the excellent choice of appointing Mr. Rennie as Information Minister, and Board Chair of the Liberia Broadcasting System.

I want to thank all of the LBS partners local and international for sticking with us throughout this journey. Most especially to our Chinese partners. This institution is thriving because of great partners like you. It is our hope that the bond that we have established through this partnership will grow stronger and more impactful.

I also extend gratitude to my former boss Mr. Aaron Kollie, who continues to inspire, encourage, correct, and stand by me. Special appreciation goes also to my family who has encouraged me to strive for excellence, and to my friend who is always rooting for my success I share this honor with you.

Finally, I also want to thank the employees of the Liberia Broadcasting System for being very supportive of the mission and vision of this institution. I have no doubt that your level of support will continue. GOD bless you all. Thank You!



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