A fan purchasing a ticket at the LCP HQ

Monrovia Liberia – With the reduction in cases of Covid-19, the National Lottery Authority has given the go-ahead for the holding of the much anticipated ‘Prevenient Grace Album’ Raffle Draw.

The Prevenient Grace album is collection of inspirational songs, full of life stories, arranged, compiled and produced by Liberian Culture Ambassador Juli Endee.

The raffle draw was suspended as a result of the coronavirus pandemic in the country which resulted to restrictions on large gatherings. Three rounds have already been conducted with several happy winners prior to the suspension.

Ambassador Endee included raffle draw in her album launch as a way of giving back to Liberians who have supported her work over the years.

The draw takes place in October, November and December at the Liberia Crusaders for Peace Headquarters on Capitol Bypass.

The first takes place on Saturday October 24, with the second and third taking place on Tuesday November 24 and Thursday December 24 respectively.

A brand new car ready to go

Among many takeaways are Motorbike, Electric Cooking Stoves, 50’’ Flat Screen TV, Freezers, Air Condition and many more while the grand prizes include a brand new Car and a Tricycle (Kehkeh).

Tickets for the raffle draw are currently on sale at the LCP Headquarters on the Bypass. Tickets are classified into three categories, 400LD, 500LD and 5$USD.

October’s draw will feature prizes in the 400LD Category, the 500LD Category in November and the grand prize, the 5$USD category in December this year.

Kehkeh will be given out to a happy winner in November

The top prize for October’s draw is a Motorbike, November draw is a Kehkeh while December is the grand prize of a brand new car to be given to a winner.

The three draws will be conducted by the National Lottery Authority.


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