Clean-up Campaign for Buchanan City…..

BUCHANAN, GRAND BASSA COUNTY, LIBERIA-The Buchanan City Corporation in Grand Bassa County has launched a five-day clean-up campaign intended to give the City a face-lift, especially during this festive seasons.

The move is also intended to create vacation job opportunities for jobless youth of the City, including students who will be receiving five United States Dollars per day over the five-day period.

The Head of Buchanan City Corporation, James Bea, said:” One-hundred persons have been hired to clean major streets, communities and abandoned buildings.”

ELBC Correspondent said:” Recently citizens of Grand Bassa County, including the Community Watch Forum Leadership, complained of the many abandoned buildings in the City being used as criminals’ hide-outs.”

In another development, Grand Bassa County Senator, Jonathan Kaipay, a team of investors from the United States and other countries of the world have toured several areas in the County to explore investment opportunities.

According to ELBC Grand Bassa County Correspondent, the team visited the Port of Buchanan, Electoral District number Two and the Grand Bassa Community College.

The assessment followed an investment conference held in Buchanan in 2018 that brought together investors from Spain, the USA, China, England and other countries of the world.

At the Grand Bassa County Community College, the team met with stakeholders, including the President of the College Dr.Samuel Moweh, who outlined some of the challenges at the college that needed intervention.

The team headed by Senator Kaipay and Dr.  Lisa Thompson, expressed interest, especially in working along with the College and helping the people of the County attending the College.

The team also held discussions with the County Superintendent, Janjay Barpeh, who embraced the investors.

By: Victor Kezelee


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