LOWER NIMBA COUNTY – A ground-breaking ceremony for the rehabilitation of a 69-kilometer road, connecting two major districts, has taken place in Lower Nimba County.

The road between Tappita to Zekehpa, when completed, will serve as great relief to citizens of Tappita, Yawen Mesonnoh, and people of Bong, Grand Bassa, and Rivercess Counties.

According to ELBC Nimba County Correspondent, Fred Yeegben the road has, for so many years, remained in deplorable condition, posing difficulty for commuters, mostly marketers who ply the route for business transactions.

The road rehabilitation is a government of Liberia project being implemented through the Public Works Ministry.

It was initiated by District Nine Representative, Johnson Gwegklo, and his District Six Counterpart, Dewon Glekia.

The cost of the road rehabilitation is put at over US750,000. with the first phase commencing from December to March, 2021.


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