Man reportedly dies from drinking ‘Sassy Wood’, eleven arrested…..

GRAND GEDEH COUNTY, LIBERIA-Local Authorities of Gbaoh Administrative District, in Grand Gedeh County, have detained eleven persons in connection with the death of a fifty-one year old man in the District.

The man reportedly died as a result of Trial by Ordeal or drinking Sassy Wood water in Pour Town.

ELBC Grand Gedeh County Correspondent quotes the Commissioner of Gbaoh Administrative District, Nelson Kosowou as saying; those arrested will be prosecuted consistent with law.

The man, Tubman Zeneyan, reportedly drank the prepared substance, because he was accused by a 19 year old female of being a witch.

Trial by Ordeal or Sassy Wood is a traditional practice, which has since been barred in Liberia.

The incident occurred on December 30th last year.

By: Cecelia Clarke


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