Fast track cases to avoid violating detainees’ rights-Cllr. Wesseh

MONROVIA, LIBERIA- The Assistant Justice Minister for Litigation wants courts fast track cases to avoid violating the rights of detainees.

Cllr. Wesseh A. Wesseh said:” Hearing just one case during the term of court seriously affects Liberia’s Justice System, and keeping accused persons in prison beyond the statutory period is a human right violation, and contrary to the Constitution of Liberia.”

Speaking with ELBC Tuesday, January 5, 2021, Minister Wesseh said:” The lack of rape courts and public defenders are other contributing factors facing the Liberian judicial system.”

He added that the Liberian Government is working towards improving prison facilities throughout the Country, to solve the over crowdedness at the Monrovia Central Prison.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Justice Minister for Litigation said that despite the many challenges the Justice System is faced with, Government’s prosecution are has succeeded in many of its litigations last year.

Cllr. Wesseh said:” Victories in several profile cases during the year under review are clear indications that Government’s prosecuting arm has been successful.”

He also said court dockets are filled with cases, and several pre-trial detainees are in prison because of challenges facing prosecutors and other judicial actors.

Minister Wesseh said:” The lack of vehicles for law enforcement officers and prosecutors are also key factors contributing to the many challenges facing the judicial system of the Country.”

He, however, said Government is exerting frantic efforts in addressing several of the challenges to improve the Judicial Sector of Liberia.

By: Kolubah Zayzay


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